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Project Manager - Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Capstone  Project

Along with managing the project, I designed and machined many of the custom parts (head tube, bottom bracket shell, belt tensioners, ect.), the rider jig, and the frame welding jig.


FRAME (ME Senior Design Project)

Designed  for use with the Gates CDX-CT Carbon Belt Drive System.

By the ASME HPVC rules, the frame was required to have side bars and a roll bar to meet excessivly large static load requirements.


KINGPIN & WHEEL ASSEMBLY (ME Senior Design Project)

Designed and modeled to determine head tube angle, camber/caster angles, contact patch location, and trail.



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Modeled chainstay and seatstay to create molds for manufacturing. Mold designed to be 3D printed and utilize compressed air for carbon fiber bladder system with resin and air drainage ports.

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